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Couples Boudoir and Erotic Photography - About Us

About Love & Erotica

Located in the wonderful city of New Orleans, Louisiana, our couples boudoir and erotic sessions are all about your passion, your sensuality and the beauty found within your relationship.

To create portraits of you and your significant other, I will pose and direct you to ensure that everything looks beautiful and then I’ll have you tease each other to create real interactions. It’s these interactions that form the basis of my work. I don’t want to photograph “poses”, I want to photograph you. I want to photograph the relationship between you and your significant other.

I founded Love and Erotica with a few goals in mind.Ie want to create the most beautiful and tasteful erotic photography I’ve ever seen, I want you to feel comfortable from the moment you arrive for your session, I want you to have fun and love the portraits we create together and I want to provide you with a completely private and discreet experience. That being said, yes the photos on our website are real clients, I only use photos from clients who have given me permission to share their photographs. You will have the option to share, or remain private and I’ll ask you after you’ve seen your photos what you would prefer.

I started Love and Erotica after owning a traditional boudoir studio for 5 years. Throughout that time, I would get occasional inquiries from couples who wanted something a little more risque than what I offered. After a few years, I stopped turning down those clients and decided I’d give it a try and if I enjoyed it, I would start another business that gave clients an opportunity to illustrate their sexuality in a more erotic nature. Those first few sessions paved the way for what I’ve created today!